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Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

On and on it goes. The rhetoric on the healthcare issue and certainly the most recent dangerous speech by our president to the students of America. Who would believe that we live in a democracy, and that President Obama was elected by a majority of the voters of the U.S.A? With that responsibility, he dared propose that we needed to change our health system. Many disagree, but at least the concerns are out for us to react to. Would we even be thinking of health care unless it was brought forward?

The people (40 plus million) without health insurance were thinking about the problems. The 62 percent of those involved in foreclosure because of medical bills were thinking about the problem. All of those who have lost their jobs and insurance are thinking about the problem. But then, I learned all of these are the ones who don't know how to work, keep a job, don't save money, aren't like "me." I well remember the days when our family didn't have insurance. Life was a struggle, and filled with prayers not to get sick or hurt. I remember also with thanks a physician who encouraged my husband to get a life directive, as he had a short time left to live. The physician said he wouldn't want to go to the hospital as he would be kept alive by machines. We did as encouraged and Jerome died at home with hospice care. Death panels? No. A visit with a physician who cared.

We are so used to government ruled by fear that some cannot break out of that mold. Hence, we have rumors and mistruths in abundance. All scary and meant to be just that so that people turn against our elected leaders, who simply work for change and options that enable the least of the citizens to have good health care without the fear of being without. We are told in scripture to care for those in need. It's time to get back to the basics. Health is a right, not a privilege.