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Hedonism dominates in these hard economic times

Several years ago, I read a wonderful biography, authored by David McCullough, entitled "Truman." It won the Pulitzer Prize.

President Truman had to deal with a "Do Nothing Congress." Mr. Truman coined the phrases "The Buck Stops Here" and "I'm Not Giving Them Hell, I'm Just Telling Them (Republican's) The Truth." Truman also commented that "Something happens to a republican brain once they reach Washington." Thanks to trickle down, we can all enjoy it. That explains "Pizza is a vegetable -- pepper spray is a food product." It's safe to assume B.S. is the pinnacle or top of your food pyramid. That's a fact and that's Fox.

Tax cuts are the word of the day. Trouble is that day has lasted, very badly damaging our middle class and destroying countless small businesses. Table scraps for middle class and small business. Prime rib for big-box, big banks, big oil and bonanza farmers.

Newt Gingrich 100 million plus, Romney - (no tax returns) - Rush Limbaugh 400 million, Glen Beck 30 million, plus Rupert Murdoch 6 billion - Koch Brothers 60 billion. These people have all this wealth and such little value as men. For the life of me I just don't understand how anyone can vote republican.

We have entered a form of economic feudalism where hedonism dominates.

The poor and working poor now constitute roughly half of our population. That's a fact not Fox.

An estimated 50 million citizens don't pay federal taxes, that includes my 94 year old father. "Lazy Old Man," you betcha. There are 20 to 25 million of these lazy old bums - your parents and grandparents and quite a few of my fellow veterans.

The other 25 million or so are not earning enough to pay federal taxes. Millions are working two and three part-time jobs to make ends meet. Basically working for food and rent.

I can assure you Mr. High-minded taxpayers league and your confederates, these people are citizens and are just as good as you and me and would love nothing more than to earn enough money to pay federal taxes.

Some of our state representatives seem to take delight in cutting funding for health and human services, food stamps and education. Yeah, I know being a "bully" is hard work. Small wonder that pizza is a vegetable.

Hey, maybe when you take time off from "the big whine" you could get off your high-horse and trot on down to human services and explain eye to eye to those families just how tough you've got it. Some of these people (citizens) are your neighbors, and are paying a tax, a hell of a lot higher than yours.

That's a fact not Fox. -- Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes