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Horner: No cuts to law enforcement funding

The death of Mahnomen County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Dewey reminds us of the service our law enforcement officers provide the citizens of Minnesota, around the clock, every day of the year. 

With the state facing a $6 billion budget deficit, we have seen cuts in funding for core services such as police protection. Reduced local government aid and imposition of levy limits have undercut communities' ability to sustain these important services.

It is simplistic and wrong-headed to believe that Minnesota can simply reduce funding and expect nothing to change. 

I'm not a career politician, but I learned the political process during my service in the office of former U.S. Sen. Dave Durenberger.

I honed my skills in bringing people together to solve difficult problems during a 20-year career as a public relations executive.

As governor, I will partner with local governments in the delivery of core public services.

And among those core services, law enforcement must be a top priority.

We can continue to protect our citizens, educate our children, and keep pension promises we have made to retired police and peace officers -- public servants who during their careers, worked every day to assure our safety.

By working together, by sharing our expertise and renewing our commitments, Minnesota will remain the state where people want to live, work and raise their children. Reaching these goals requires steady, competent leadership and the temperament to work with others.

We can continue on the present path -- refusing to face Minnesota's problems for another four years -- or we can start now to build a better future. -- Tom Horner, governor candidate, Independence Party