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Hummel on the mark with coffee article

Lynn (Hummel) has captured the plight of coffee drinkers with clarity and humor. There are very few restaurants and churches that serve decent coffee, merely hot water disguised as coffee. We, and most of our friends, have stopped ordering coffee with our meals, preferring to drink water, which is still free. $1.60 to $2 is a bit much for the hot water they call coffee. It would seem to me that they would make more money and have satisfied customers if they would use enough grounds to actually make a more robust coffee. We would gladly order it then.  

A friend from Norway recently remarked, that while he was visiting in the U.S. a server came around and asked if he would like more coffee and he said he was unsure how to respond, because he thought he had been drinking tea. -- Dennis and Bonnie Munson, Lake Park