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If Frazee School figures were so wrong, what's right?

In the past several weeks I have read articles from several people proclaiming to be telling the truth about contracts, salaries, etc. of various school personnel.

I was delighted when Jim Nelson came forth and started quoting facts and figures on Independent Contracts and what the actual dollar amounts were. Since there are several ways to figure percentages, I have always had difficulty with this type of math. Thus I was delighted when Jim Nelson explained the correct way and actually worked out the dollars and cents of the contracts. However, Jim must have stepped on some toes as there was quite a hue and cry from the people involved as to Jim using false and misleading figures. Lori Thorpe made accusations against Jim Nelson and the figures he was using but did nothing to show what the correct figures should have been. She did seem to want the community to know what Jim Nelson's contract settlement was and furnished these numbers to the newspaper. What she didn't tell you was that every teacher who retires, gets a final settlement based on the years the teacher has taught and the pay grade the teacher was at when they retired.

In the same newspaper, Stender wrote a short terse comment that all of Jim Nelson's figures were wrong and if you wanted to get to the truth, come to Stender's office and he, Stender, would present you with the gospel truth. If Nelson's figures were wrong, why didn't Stender just put the correct figures in the newspaper and all of the citizens would have been made aware of how wrong Jim Nelson was in math, a subject that he taught for 39 years and for many of you reading this, you probably were a student of Jim Nelson's at one time.

As we draw closer to election time I have the feeling that a goodly number of citizens still do not have a clue as to what is going on in the district through the acts of Stender and what sometimes appears to be a dysfunctional school board. There are eight candidates on the ballot and four will be elected to be a part of your school board and conduct the business of the school district. You had better think long and hard before you decide which four names you well select on election day. Always be wary of a wolf in sheep's clothing. -- Oscar Birkeland, Frazee