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If we don’t follow God’s rules, chaos will ensue

In my opinion the Supreme Court was remiss in not debating marriage vs. civil unions and the fairness of not giving the same material benefits to each of these. This would still have left intact marriage between a man and woman and civil unions between people of the same sex. Federal law could easily have made this change for equal benefits to both marriage and civil unions but instead the Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples could not be denied these benefits.

This in effect did not separate these but made them one category (marriage). These rules leave in place laws banning same sex marriage around the nation in all but the 13 states which now allow these marriages. But citizens in all the states which are opposed to gay marriage need to take a stand. (37 vs. 13)

I feel that the Supreme Court should take up this matter again because of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) grouping as this was not discussed about what will happen now that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman but how will they rule when a bi-sexual man wants to have one woman and one man as his legal partners or one bi-sexual woman wants to have one woman and one man to be her legal partners? What about transgender people — what rights do they have? Who will decide this? Each individual state? And then, what will happen when the Supreme Court over-rules everybody?

As a Christian, I feel that all people should be treated equally as individuals, but I also believe that God laid down certain rules to be followed for the good of the individual and also the good of the whole nation. If we do not follow these rules at some point chaos will develop and nothing will make sense anymore. This seems to be the case now. — Carol Strache, Frazee