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Indy 500 Race Park open for use

Kris Wirth speeds down the Indy 500 Race Way during one of Thursday’s practice runs. Wirth runs the motocross practice track, which is located off of Highway 10 near Frazee on Indy 500 Road. DL NEWSPAPERS/Brian Basham2 / 2

Practice makes perfect and for area motocross enthusiasts, the Indy 500 Race Park in Frazee is a perfect place to practice.

There are not many choices for racers to practice on in the area, now with the Buffalo motocross track closed, and that’s exactly what sparked Kris Wirth’s idea of opening his track to area riders.

“When I was younger, we rode in a pit in Vergas, but other than Buffalo, there were no other tracks within a 60-mile radius,” Wirth said. “When Buffalo closed, I felt there was need for a track in the area.”

The Indy 500 Race Park is not a brand new concept, though, with the track’s first jump and corners made in 2002 by Wirth and his brother.

“It was only a field with a big hill before we started making the track and since then, I’ve been adding jumps and it slowly progressed to this,” Wirth added.

The track, which is located right off of Highway 10 near Frazee on Indy 500 Road, is open for practice runs Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8 p.m. for $25 a ride.

Spectators are allowed, as well, as the track attracts a wide range of ability, from the novice rider to the competitive racer.

“My only goal is get at least 20 riders a week,” Wirth said. “Staples is closest track in the area now. I have water truck to keep the turns nice and a John Deere tractor to drag the track.”

The track is suitable for Moto-Cross bikes, 4-wheelers and side-by-side ATVs.

“It provides for good corner practice, since that’s where races are won and lost,” Wirth said. “The dirt is perfect around here. All the black dirt was stripped off by Feldt’s Plumbing and the brown dirt mixes up awesome for the track.”

One of the bikers who use the track is former National Motocross racer Cody Ladwig of Frazee, who has raced around the country in states such as Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee.

He appreciates a track being so close to home, along with the quality of it in the form of corners and jumps.

“It’s a technical track, it’s not easy, but it’s also made for the beginner racer, as well,” Ladwig said. “The dirt is good all the way around, it’s the best kind of dirt you want with a good mix of sand.”

The quality of dirt makes for softer landings during rolls, as well.

Jumps are also a feature of the track, with the big one being a 100-foot table, in which Ladwig broke it in with a 110-foot jump when Wirth made it.

Wirth’s two-year-old son, Grayson, has already broke in the track, as well, with his mini-bike.

“Racing is a family thing for us,” Wirth said. “We are also making a kids’ track in the near future.”

Visit the track’s website at

So for area racers who want to refine and polish up their moves for their weekend competitive racing, the Indy 500 Race Park is as close in proximity and quality one can get.

Brian Wierima
Detroit Lakes Newspapers Sports Editor for the last 15 years. St. Cloud State University graduate, who hails from Deer Creek, MN.