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Jeers to Tribune for headline

Your Feb. 3 article headline regarding the abuse of a patient at Sunnyside Nursing home was offensive for three reasons. First, what's with that flippant little phrase "Put a sock in it?" This shows gross disrespect for the patient and the abuse that she endured. Second, your headline stated, "Nurse accused of mistreatment." If you read the article, it is obvious this person was a nursing assistant, not a nurse, which is a different, distinct profession with many different educational and legal responsibilities. Put it this way: would you have written your headline, "Doctor accused of mistreatment," when the actual person accused was a physician assistant?

Tribune editors, please educate yourself before printing this stuff. Third, I would not characterize what happened to this woman as mere mistreatment. This was abuse of a vulnerable adult, which is a state crime. You have further disrespected this poor woman with your sloppy, inaccurate and insensitive reporting. You owe the patient and her family an apology. -- Rhonda Nickel, Detroit Lakes