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Kelliher -- a great governor for rural Minnesota

Minnesota is a great state. Our future greatness will be determined by how we face today's big challenges. For too long we have focused on the next election rather than focusing on ensuring a positive future for the next generation.

Minnesotans are experiencing a tough economy and a shaky job market. Our schools, nursing homes and local governments are facing tough budget times. Health care costs and property taxes are skyrocketing. The need in this state has never been greater for a bold and decisive leader to step forward who can deliver on the issues that matter the most to our residents.

That is why I am thrilled to see Minnesota Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher throw her "hat in the ring" for governor. In the nine years I have served with Speaker Kelliher in the Legislature I have experienced first-hand her extraordinary leadership ability to inspire people to work together for the benefit of Minnesota.

As a rural legislator i am strongly endorsing Speaker Kelliher to be our next governor because of her outstanding record of achievement for rural Minnesota.

As the leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Speaker Kelliher has faced heat on the "bread and butter" issues facing rural Minnesota and delivered results that benefit our senior citizens, families, farmers, students and veterans.

Speaker Kelliher's unwavering commitment to rural Minnesota is no surprise to me. Her strong values and work ethic were nurtured growing up on a dairy farm near Mankato in rural Minnesota. She is Minnesota's first Speaker of the House to have been county dairy princess and was a 4-H state president. Now that's rural!

Rural Minnesota and this entire state need a governor who can move beyond partisan bickering and work cooperatively with Democrats and Republicans to get results on the tough issues that matter the most to Minnesotans. Speaker Kelliher has done just that.

In this time of big challenges, Speaker Kelliher not only has the focus and leadership skills to move this state into prosperity, she has the capacity to bring people together in order to create a positive, shared vision for our great state. She is committed to creating a state government that works and gets results. Speaker Kelliher would be a great governor for rural Minnesota and for all Minnesotans.