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Klobuchar should treat visitors better

Earlier this spring, my wife Shari, our nine-year old son, Jonathan and I traveled to Washington, D.C. for our first visit ever. Even though it was a family trip, my intentions were to meet with various federal offices that could potentially assist me with my efforts in securing a college Internship in the D.C. area. It saddens me to say that we were very disappointed with Amy Klobuchar's staff and the reception we received.

To give you a sense of comparison, when we stopped at Representative Collin Peterson's office we were warmly welcomed. A gentleman named Brian, a member of Representative Peterson's staff, showed us around the office and took photos with us. He then brought us down to where Representative Peterson was in committee, and by knowing Mr. Peterson's schedule, was able to arrange it so that we had the opportunity to meet him and our son Jonathan could say "hello". Jonathan even got his photograph taken with Representative Peterson, a picture, which was later published in our local newspaper.

When we were at Senator Amy Klobuchar's office we had a very different experience. We were asked to wait in the lobby until finally meeting with a person named Brandt who talked to us only briefly in the hallway -- no warm welcome such as the one we received from Representative Peterson's office, even though we traveled some 1,500 miles. There was no tour of the offices and regardless of the extent of my efforts to plead our case, no one would assist us in our being able to so much as say "hi" to Senator Amy Klobuchar, even if that meant waiting until she was between committee meetings. We were treated as if to see or talk to Amy Klobuchar was like seeing granted a viewing with the great and powerful Oz in the Wizard of Oz. Not even a look at her office after traveling 1,500 miles.

I am a life-long Democrat from a family of Democrats, and I must say that this was a poor showing on the part of Senator Klobuchar's staff to treat us as they did. I don't know if this is the Senator's personal policy or simply the policy of members of her staff. If it is the Senator's policy, then I must say that I have lost a great deal of respect for her and the way that her constituents are treated when they travel such a long distance and with expenses out of their own pocket