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Kudos to WE Fest for letting us use Lake Sallie property

Almost the first thing I did on returning to Detroit Lakes last fall, after a three month stint in coastal Maine, was to take The Dog to walk the beautiful trails at Dunton Locks County Park and adjacent Lake Sallie Campground.

It’s funny how sometimes you have to go away to really appreciate how good you have it at home.

What a special place it is. I know Detroit Lakes has a lot of jewels in her crown (and is soon to have another with the return of Detroit Mountain) but, in my opinion, the complex of trails in the park and campground, the VFW shelter and facilities, the bike path and the fishing pier shine as one of our brightest.

I did note on that first day back that new warning signs had been posted in the private campground portion asking visitors to respect the property. 

This morning, on the first day of spring and my first sighting of the nesting pair of bald eagles that return seasonally to the campground, I noticed that an illiterate or intellectually-challenged individual had recently defaced the warning sign by placing a sticker on the back of it.

Not the worst case of vandalism to be sure, but it annoyed me just the same.

It is only through the generosity and community spirit of the WE Fest-Lake Sallie Campground people that we, the public, are allowed to make use of this resource and make use of it we do.

Hikers, runners, bikers, birders, dog walkers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers take year-round advantage of the campground trails.

It is only during WE Fest that the property is closed off and then generously re-opened to the public.  In return, all we are asked to do is treat the place with respect.  It would be nice if we could do that.

The posted warning sign did have one small and humorous misspelling, the type of thing that spell-checker doesn’t catch.

It asked the public to leave no sign of their “presents.”  Well, I’m going to leave a present.  My gift to the WE Fest-Lake Sallie Campground folks is a big Thank You on behalf of all of us who hike your trails, walk your woods, and enjoy the pretty shoreline of one of the few undeveloped lake shores in the Detroit Lakes area. —Tim Kessler, Detroit Lakes