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Lady Hornets play well on links

The Frazee girls’ golf team took part in the Pelican Rapids and Hawley invites, finishing fourth in the latter.

The Lady Hornets were led by Becky Karasch’s 50 (nine-holes), while Alexis Parsons shot a 52, Maddisan Parson a 54 and Brittany Lormis a 60.

Other Frazee scores included Sydney Dahlgren and Cara Roers, each with a 65.

Frazee finished sixth in Pelican Rapids with a 224 (nine holes). They were led by Alexis Parsons with a 52. 

Frazee at Pelican Rapids

Team results: Hawley 189, Perham 192, Pelican Rapids 198, Breckenridge 222, West Central Area 223, Frazee 224, Barnesville 226, DGF 230

Top Individual results: Becca Huus Perham 38, Olivia Rasmussen Hawley 42, Alexa Bekkerus Pelican Rapids 43, Liz Sonnenberg Perham 44, Shayanne Mattfeld Hawley 45, Zoe Dauner Hawley 48

Frazee results: Alexis Parsons 52, Maddisan Parsons 53, Sydney Dahlgren 57, Becky Karasch 62, Brittany Lormis 63, Cara Roers 64.

Frazee at Hawley

Team results: Perham 189, Hawley 197, Pelican Rapids 200, Frazee 216, West Central Area 222, Barnesville 224, Breckenridge 225, DGF 239

Top Individuals: Liz Sonnenberg Perham 40, Alexa Bekkerus Pelican Rapids 42, Becca Huus Perham 42, Paige Mattfeld Perham 47, Zoe Dauner Hawley 47, Annie Dohman Breckenridge 47

Frazee results: Becky Karasch 50, Alexis Parsons 52, Maddisan Parsons 54, Brittany Lormis 60, Sydney Dahlgren 65, Cara Roers 65