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Laker boys' swimming qualify 15 for sections

On Thursday there were a few Laker swimmers who needed to give their best performance of the year to qualify for sections in a win against Thief River Falls.

"We had three new swimmers that made their time cuts to qualify for the section meet," said head coach Rian Hiemark. "A couple of other guys improved their qualification times."

Senior Alex Renner needed to drop a second and a half off of his previous best time to qualify for sections in the 100-yard butterfly -- he did that one better and chopped five seconds off (1:07.96).

"Alex is a new swimmer this year," said Heimark. "He works hard and that's all you can ask."

Two more Lakers also cut off the necessary time to make the cut; they were sophomore Brady Eilertson (100-yard freestyle) and freshman Cody Johnson (100-yard backstroke.)

"The boys were tired," commented Heimark. "But they swam a great meet."

Detroit Lakes had six winners in the swimming portion and the divers finished the meet by sweeping the podium.

The Laker boys now begin preparing for the Section 3-1A swimming and diving championship meet next Friday and Saturday.

"We now have 15 swimmers and divers entered in the section meet," added Heimark. "We have at least three swimmers in every event but one."

The final 15 for the boys are: Michael Bogda. Matt Weiss, Alex Renner, Zach Conklin, Dameon Rozek, Pat Rethwisch, Jon Melgaard, Justin George, Aaron Colby, Cody Okeson, Brady Eilertson, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Travis King and Cody Johnson.

The section meet is Friday and Saturday in Bemidji.

Laker results

Thief River Falls at Detroit Lakes, Thursday, Feb. 19.

Team Results -- Detroit Lakes 102, Thief River Falls 81

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 1. DL A (Matt Weiss, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Zach Conklin) 1:55.03; 3. DL B (Cody Johnson, Jon Melgaard, Dameon Rozek, Cody Okeson) 2:04.59; 5. DL C ( Aaron Colby, Clem Foltz, Alex Renner, Ben Langworthy) 2:13.05; 6. DL D (Justin George, Jordan George, Logan peterick, Pat Rethwisch) 2:25.73...200 freestyle: 2. Brandon Olson 1:59.96; 4. Brady Eilertson 2:21.25; 8. Clem Foltz 2:33.06...200 Individual Medley: 1. Quillan Oak 2:11.53; 3. Cody Johnson 2:36.08; Carter Krengel 2:51.65... 50 Freestyle: 1. Bogda 24.70; 4. Okeson 27.32; 7. Isaac Pazdernik 28.53; 8. Aaron Colby 28.89; 19. Justin George 29.75; 20. Jordan George 30.82; 21. Pat Rethwisch 21.25... Diving: 1. Melgaard 248.3; 2. George 176.45; 3 Rethwisch 144.15; 4. Colby 164.05; 5. Peterick 135.95... 100 Butterfly: 2. Matt Weiss 1:03.32; 4. Renner 1:07.96; 6. Dameon Rozek 14:11.23... 100 Freestyle: 2. Bogda 55.2; 3. Conklin 56.53; 5. Eilertson 59.98; 6. Langworthy 1:03.49; 7. Pazdernik 1:04.32; 8. Carter Krengel 1:06.01... 500 Freestyle: 2. Brandon Olson 5:24; 5: Peterick 6:40...200 Freestyle Relay: 2. DL A (Conklin, Okeson, Eilertson, Bogda) 1:44.91; 4. DL B (Colby, Krengel, George, Langworthy) 1:55.34; 5. DL C (Foltz, Peterick, Rethwisch, George)... 100 Backstroke: 1. Weiss 1:07.07; 2. Johnson 1:09.95; 3. Renner 1:13.13... 100 Breaststroke: 1. Oak 1:03.75; 4. Melgaard 1:16.77; 5. Conklin 1:17.75; 7. Foltz 1:30.48; 8. George 1:30.60... 400 Freestyle Relay: 1. DL A (Olson, Bogda, Weiss, Oak) 3:46.09; 3. DL B (Okeson, Eilertson, Melgaard, Rozek) 4:14.35; 4. DL C (Renner, Johnson, Langworthy, Krengal) 4:30.28