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Lakers shine in FF

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Lakers shine in FF
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Tuesday's outdoor season opener wasn't all about the places for the Detroit Lakes boys' and girls' track and field teams, but more about improved times and distances.


With that in mind, the Lakers had more than a successful outdoor opener in Fergus Falls, with impressive times posted all over the board.

There were only three teams in the meet, with Fergus Falls having the majority of their team absent due to a band trip.

That allowed the Lakers to take most of the top finishes, but it were the times which stuck out more to the DL coaches.

"For one, it was one of the best meets I've been to weather-wise," said DL head girls' coach Mike Labine. "We brought 75 girls to the meet and it was just a great meet for all of them."

For the Laker boys, they made bigger leaps and bounds from their first meet indoor meet this season.

"It was better than expected," said DL head boys' coach Steve Zamzo. "We were able to run everyone and saw a bunch of different things."

Two distance runners ran under the five-minute mark in the mile run, as Leif Johnson was third with a time of 4:58.38 and Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles was fourth at 4:59.60.

"Having two under five minutes at this point in the season is outstanding," Zamzo said.

In the 110-meter hurdles, Steven Labine gained a personal-best mark of 18.06, while Mike Okeson had a solid performance in the 300 hurdles with a time of 46.47.

"Mike Okeson will be a phenomenal track athlete," Zamzo added.

Nick Griffith also posted a personal best in the high jump at 5-08, while going 18-07.5 in the long jump.

"The key are the returning athletes who are bigger, stronger and faster this year than last season and they are showing that," Zamzo said.

The Laker girls' took the top three positions in the high jump, with Alexis Schermer taking first at 5-01, while Kayla Lang went 5-0 and Lauren Kauffman 4-10.

"Alexis is a very talented athlete and she's very coachable," Labine said. "She is a versatile athlete."

Natalie Hoffert nabbed three first-place finishes, after starting each of the 4x100 and 4x200, while winning the 200 dash with a time of 26.64.

"Natalie's time in the 200 is in midseason -- if not late season -- form already," Labine said.

Rose Jackson also ran well in the 100 sprint with a time of 13.06 for first.

DL also ran 13 runners in the mile, with Marie Yokan taking first with a 5:52.76.

The Lakers will be in the Moorhead meet Tuesday, with the majority of teams being large school competition.

"We're again going to me more worried about times and distances, instead of places, because it will be against some larger school competition," Labine said. "We just want to go out there and improve ourselves, that will be the main concern."

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at Fergus Falls, Tuesday, April 6.

DL boys' results (top 5 in each event) -- 4x800: 1. DL A 9:11.19; 2. DL B 9:36.16; 3. DL C 10:08.64; 4. DL D 10:10.66; 5. DL E 10:17.60...110 hurdles: 1. Steven Labine 18.06; 4. Ethan VanOffelen 20.90; 5. Josh Eggebraaten 21.09...100 dash: 2. Erik Larson 12.06...4x200: 1. DL A 1:39.57; 4. DL B 1:48.56...1,600 run: 3. Leif Johnson 4:58.38; 4. Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles 4:59.60; 5. Wes Bakken 5:07.20...4x100: 1. DL A 47.98; 4. DL B 53.47; 5. DL C 54.35...400 dash: 2. Cody Okeson 58.08; 4. Tim McKagan 1:02.22; 5. Jordan Kimball 1:10.10...300 hurdles: 1. Mike Okeson 46.47; 2. Labine 46.50; 5. Austin Clem 47.06...800 run: 2. Christian Tigges 2:27.37; 3. Hunter Schleske 2:29.62; 4. Steven Sinclair 2:30.63...200 dash: 2. Charlie Wichmann 24.35...4x400: 2. DL A 4:04.10; 3. DL B 4:05.69; 4. DL C 4:11.22...High jump: 1. Nick Griffith 5-08; 2. Ryan Kalberer 5-06; 4. Riley Olson 5-04...Long jump: 1. Griffith 18-07.5; 4. Kalberer 17-05; 5. Josh Eggebraaten 16-10...Triple jump: 1. Kalberer 39-03; 2. Labine 35-0...Shot put: 5. Levi Fairbanks 36-02.

DL girls' results (top 5 in each event) -- 4x800: 2. DL B 11:17.43; 3. DL A 11:25.16; 4. DL C 11:40.31; 5. DL E 11:46.70...100 hurdles: 3. Alexis Scherner 18.71; 4. Emma Wood 19.43...100 dash: 1. Rose Jackson 13.06; 4. Lindsey 13.41...4x200: 1. DL A (Natalie Hoffert, Allison Berg, Lindsey Heinecke, Jackson) 1:51.42; 3. DL B 1:59.38...1,600 run: 1. Marie Yokan 5:52.76; 2. Abby Ullyott 5:57.50; 3. Veronica Haverkamp 5:59.85; 4. Karli Kerzman 6:02.88; 5. Miranda Olson 6:05.55...4x100: 1. DL A (Hoffert, Schermer, Heinecke, Jackson) 50.28; 2. DL C 54.16; 4. DL B 56.22; 5. DL D 57.10...400 dash: 5. Jill Feuillerat 1:09.96...300 hurdles: 1. Schermer 51.84; 4. Kyley Foster 54.90; 5. Berg 55.22...800 run: 3. Lauren Sinclair 2:50.96; 4. Mackenzie Oistad 2:52.03; 5. Megan Ostlie 2:57.27...200 dash: 1. Hoffert 26.64; 4. Emma Erholtz 29.09; 5. Kayli Muckenhirn 29.41...4x400: 2. DL A 4:39.40; 4. DL B 5:07.97...High jump: 1. Schermer 5-01; 2. Kayla Lang 5-0; 3. Laruen Kauffman 4-10...Long jump: 2. Bre Halbur 16-07.5; 4. Jackson 15-06...Triple jump: 1. Lang 32-04; 2. Brittany Thomson 31-06.5; 4. Muckenhirn 29-06.5...Discus: 1. Bethany Stoltenberg 81-05; 3. Courtney Gray 78-03; 5. Jen Matter 75-01...Shot put: 1. Matter 32-06; 3. Shay Nielsen 27-11; 4. Hayley Foster 26-08; 5. Stoltenberg 265-10.

Brian Wierima
Detroit Lakes Newspapers Sports Editor for the last 15 years. St. Cloud State University graduate, who hails from Deer Creek, MN.