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Langseth backs Tom Bakk

Fall has always been a time of exciting and anticipated change in Minnesota. If you're like me, you're excited about the change that could come to the Minnesota governor's office in the fall of 2010.

Knowing the challenges we face and the uncertainty in our state, national and global economies, when the people of Minnesota head to the voting booth to pick our next governor it will be one of the more important elections we have ever faced. That is just one of the reasons that I am supporting Tom Bakk as the best person to lead Minnesota through those challenges, and get our state back to the high standards and results we expected for generations.

Tom has been a well-respected colleague of mine in the Minnesota state legislature for more than a decade, and in that time has earned a reputation for thoughtful consideration, honesty and hard work in doing what's best and what is right for the people of our state. With his roots in Greater Minnesota and his experience in St. Paul, he understands the unique challenges faced in our urban core, our regional centers and our rural areas.

Most importantly, as we work to achieve real economic recovery and growth in Minnesota, Tom knows how to create jobs, and the strategies and initiatives needed to get people back to work in order to grow our state economy.

He was among the first and foremost of our state's leaders calling for a special legislative session to get a bonding bill passed and get much needed projects started by getting folks back to work. As chair of the Senate Tax Committee, Tom understands the fiscal challenges we face, and will do away with the fuzzy math and economic shell games of our current chief executive, that have put Minnesota in such a daunting deficit mess.

Righting our state's economic ship will take hard work and collaboration, but most importantly it will take leadership. In Tom Bakk, we have the leader poised to lead Minnesota back to prominence on national and international stages.

Tom is my choice to be Minnesota's next governor, and I hope you'll make him your choice too. For more information about Tom and his winning vision for our state, please go to