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Langseth offends viewer during TV debate

I watched the "Meet the Candidates, State Senate District 9" debate on Pioneer Public Television with great interest the other night. I confess I was taken back quite a bit and even a little offended by what Mr. Langseth said.

These debates are meant to give us voters an opportunity to hear what the candidates have to say about important issues for Minnesota. I didn't appreciate at all Mr. Langseth calling a prison for sex offenders, "Pawlenty's Pervert Palace." That is offensive to me. These men have committed some of the worst crimes there are, and he uses that kind of language to describe the place that protects us and our children from them?

He also said there is no reason for voters to have to show ID's when voting because there is no voter fraud in Minnesota. None, Mr. Langseth? I have to show my ID just to buy food and he thinks it isn't needed to vote. Why is that such a crazy thought? Is he afraid he might lose votes from people who shouldn't be voting?

Mr. Langseth, you are out of touch and have been in office for too long. I am switching by choice this year and voting for Jeff Backer. He answered his questions clearly, honestly, and without being offensive.

Jeff Backer should be our next State Senator. -- Kit Nichol, Wolverton