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Legal abortion is ‘a scourge of moral evil’

The Dr. Kermit Gosnell story has been coming out in recent months about his Philadelphia abortion facility. Initially, investigators were responding to suspicions that his medical facility was operating an illegal drug prescription business. Law enforcement officials conducted a raid on this facility in February 2010 and they found what has been described as the appalling conditions of human brutality and unsanitary lawlessness. Subsequently, a Grand Jury report was prepared and certified in January 2011. Dr. Gosnell was arrested a few days after the Grand Jury report was released.

A highlight of this grand jury report was the labeling of the abortion facility as a “house of horrors.” Between the abortion practice and the illegal dispensing of prescriptions for highly-addictive painkiller medications, the Grand Jury report estimated that Dr. Gosnell was taking in $10,000 to $15,000 per night. Additionally, the report brought formal murder charges against the abortion doctor for the deaths of eight born-alive infants that were intentionally killed by various means, mostly by inserting a sharp scissors into the back of the baby’s neck and snipping off the spinal cord. Also murder charges were brought for the death of one woman who was given a lethal overdose of anesthesia and painkillers while undergoing an abortion.

The formal court trial of Dr. Gosnell began in April 2013. The story of his “house of horrors” was told in this trial.  It became a chilling narrative of how evil that things can become in the abortion business. Predictably, in these modern times of the mainstream media practice to “filter” all news through the liberal ideology agendas of political correctness, the mainstream media mostly remained silent about the Dr. Gosnell trial. It told a truth that the mainstream media “filter” declared to be unacceptable for the nation to hear. Dr. Gosnell was recently convicted of murder charges for some of the born-alive infants and for the death of the woman. He has been sentenced to prison for the remainder of his life.

Subsequent to these court proceedings, additional reports of similar lawlessness and unsanitary brutality have come to light in several other abortion facilities around our nation. We may say that these recent months have glaringly revealed the ugly, ugly truth about the abortion rights agenda in our nation. The bottom line for this agenda clearly seems to be a desperate desire to maximize the count of dead babies and collect all the big bucks possible in this practice of destroying human life.

It is now 40 years since Roe v. Wade. There were citizens in this nation that declared legal abortion to be a scourge of moral evil from day one after Roe v. Wade. Now we have such stories as Dr. Kermit Gosnell to prove the truth of this claim. Forty years later now and it seems like the abortion rights agenda has sunk ever-deeper into the lethal bondage of a demonic force that is needing to increasingly resort to desperate denials of truth in order to sustain its over-proud agenda to celebrate a “culture of death.” Dead babies, deep denial and big bucks; this the evolving saga of abortion rights in only seven words.

Why is our supposedly civilized nation allowing the evil scourge of legalized abortion to continue in our land? Why are pro-abortion activists so forcefully vehement in their absolute refusal to even consider any restrictions at all on the supposed right to abortion? Are we just not able to think this through? Are we choosing to be as cowards and to despair of the power of speaking truth? “Tough questions” for modern popular culture. Who will answer? — Donald Tobkin, Detroit Lakes