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Letter - Abortion rights provoking rise of extremist politics

This January marks 40 years of Roe vs. Wade in our land.

The generally-accepted count is now at 55 million unborn citizens that have had their totally innocent lives trashed by legalized abortion.

Over these 40 years, we have seen how abortion rights have sunk deeper and deeper into the treacherous abyss of moral non-acceptance in our land.

We have seen how abortion rights have been a central factor in provoking the rise of extremist politics on both the left and right.

The "ground" (if you will) between the two extremes has become a war zone of hostile conflict with its strident accusations of being a low-life traitor if anybody departs from either extreme with the good-faith intention of seeking some mutual understanding that respects what we call "the common good" in our society.

We now hear the term "gridlock" as telling the dismaying story of our national politics.

This is predictable because both sides have become so far apart and so hostile to each other that a willingness to find common ground and work for the common good has become impossible.

It can be said that abortion not only trashes the unborn, now it is also trashing this nation's established form of constitutional government.

We need to understand that if something is wrong, it is wrong! It is integral to the Sovereign God's created natural order that if something is wrong, no amount of "fancy" language, rhetorical clamor or would-be force from whatever man-made political agendas will ever be able to displace or supersede the truth of the right order of things in the natural order.

We now have 40 years of abortion rights and the moral conflict rages on and on.

On the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, some 300,000 to 400,000 citizens will gather in Washington D.C. to once again make a clear statement to the nation that abortion is wrong.

It just is not going to happen that abortion rights shall ever become a settled and morally-accepted personal choice for citizens in this nation. The sickening battle will just go on and on.

We may review some other "landmark" decisions in this nation's legislative and judicial history: The federal land grants and homestead act allotments of 1862; the 13th (1865) and 14th (1868) Amendments ending slavery and providing equal protection under the law; the 16th (1913) Amendment established the federal income tax; the 19th (1920) and 26th (1971) provided for women to vote and set the voting age at 18; the formal declaration of war against Japan and Germany in 1941; the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 for protecting the quality of our natural environment; the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991; OSHA of 1970; etc., etc.

All these are major initiatives that presented some manner of substantial change in the way we do things as a community of citizens in this nation. 

Yet, none of these changes have come even remotely close to raising up the chronically intransigent moral conflict that has happened with abortion rights.

The entrenched moral protest against abortion has been going on for 40 years now -- this has got to tell us something about the inescapable truth of abortion rights.

To summarily trash the lives of unborn citizens is wrong. When will we get this figured out? -- Donald Tobkin, Detroit Lakes