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Letter: Becker County sales tax is a bad idea

The headline for this story (“County eyes sales tax for road repairs” Detroit Lakes Tribune, Dec. 18, 2013) was very misleading. Not only do they want this sales tax for road repair but for “other” projects. Such as, Safe Routes to School. What does this have to do with road repair? Biking and walking paths. What does this have to do with road repair?

Forty percent of the revenue would come from our visitors. Really? Do they live here 12 months out of the year and shop here on a regular basis? Do they buy their big-ticket items here? I don’t think so.

What other pet projects would this money be used for?

Right now, on a taxable item we are paying 6.876 percent tax. Add another half-cent tax to that and it adds up for the people who are paying it.

If you want the people of Becker County to pay this then this should be put to a vote to see how they really feel about this proposal. As for myself, the way it’s stated now, I’d vote no! — Deb Seaberg, Detroit Lakes