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Letter: County land is for all to use, including OHV users

On Tuesday, the Becker County Board will have a meeting to get the public's input on the classification of Becker County lands in the White Earth State Forest and some other parcels. At a later meeting, the board will vote on how to manage the county lands for off-highway use. Options include "managed," meaning that the forests are open to off-highway vehicle use as they are at present and is the recommendation of the Becker County Natural Resources Committee. "All forest roads and trails on county-administered lands within the White Earth State Forest and those outside of state forest boundaries, should be open to motorized use unless posted closed."

Many have been told that all Becker County is voting on is a decision to allow or not allow ATVs to use trails in some of the county areas. This is far from the truth. Their vote will be your right to drive any OHV on county-administered lands.

Vehicles which means any vehicle for (off highway use). This includes your right to use your Jeep, side by side, ATV, or dirt bike, on county-administered lands and trails while sight seeing, riding in the fall enjoying the changing colors on the trees, and observing all the wildlife we have here in northern Minnesota. We would like to see those that share our views on this matter to come to the Tuesday meeting at 6 p.m. at the Becker County Courthouse and voice your opinion on this issue. We feel that our county-administered lands are for all to use, and we must all be good stewards of the land. We feel that the County Natural Resources Committee has spent a lot of time and effort to come up with the best solution for all users of the county lands and we endorse their recommendation.

The public has been misinformed that this is a vote on ATV usage. This will be a vote on the use for all motorized vehicles.