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Letter: Detroit Lakes always looks to the future

My home town gets things done. Watching the rally cars race down West Lake Drive last Saturday reminded me how progressive our city council and mayor are. Detroit Lakes has become the go-to community to hold events year around because of a progressive and receptive city government.

Whether it’s boat races, parades, car shows, art fairs, hockey tournaments or numerous other events, our city embraces them and supports them.

The latest project the city is fully supporting is the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area. Their cooperation has been instrumental in helping make it a resounding success. Typically councils and boards look for reasons to say no, as it’s the safest and easiest answer. Hardly a week goes by in our town when something isn’t going on, all because our decision makers see the big picture and say yes.

Detroit Lakes has it all, and with continued leadership embracing new ideas the next generation will reap the benefits of living in a community that’s always looking to the future. — Tom Hanson, Detroit Lakes