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Letter: DL resident not happy with city snow removal
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opinion Detroit Lakes, 56501
Detroit Lakes Minnesota 511 Washington Avenue 56501

Sunday night we got almost two feet of snow dumped on us. My husband and I shoveled three times Sunday night. My neighbor was nice enough to plow the sidewalk in front of my house late Sunday night.


I planned on finishing up Monday morning so the mail lady would be able to walk easily onto my property. When I got out there I discovered the city had dumped huge chunks of snow into the sidewalk in front of my house.

Needless to say I was not happy.

I shovel all of that by hand, I'm not young or strong enough to throw 10 pound chunks of ice in the air.

I called the city and complained; the girl told me they would be removing the snow Monday night. I asked if they would be plowing the sidewalks as well. She said she didn't know and took my phone number.

I never received a phone call, and the city did not remove the snow.

I live in a commercial zone, and parking is a problem already without having to deal with this. I don't believe the mail girl should have to stumble over chunks of snow either, so on and off all day I worked on making a path for her.

What do we pay our city workers for, and when did the system fall to disrepair?

I remember at one time they used to plow the sidewalk and then late at night they would remove the snow.

Perhaps we need someone who knows how to plan better. -- Joyce A. Chelmo, Detroit Lakes