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Letter: Eken letter misleading, dishonest

Recently both candidates for the MN dist 4 wrote letters to editors regarding an issue in this campaign.

Phil Hansen the Republican candidate wrote a letter to the Forum denouncing the mailings being sent out which attacked his opponent Kent Eken of Twin Valley.

Hansen repudiated the group(s) that had sent out the mailers and expressed his disdain for such tactics. He also repeated his promise to conduct a fair campaign based on his principles of job creation, fiscal accountability, and restoring statesmanship to the MN senate.

  Two weeks after Hansen's letter was published, Kent Eken wrote a letter to the Hawley Herald stating that Phil Hansen had, "publicly admitted that his side was using unethical campaign tactics when they made viscous(sic) and dishonest attacks against me."

Eken's letter was a distortion of what Hansen had written regarding the mailers sent out that attacked Eken. Eken's dishonesty was disturbing to me, a voter in district 4.

First off, Kent Eken knows that MN senate races are limited as to the amount of money they can raise for campaigns. The flyers repudiated by Hansen have come from other groups including one that is identified on the mailer and it denies that there is any connection to "any political candidate or campaign."

Any money "pouring into this campaign" has not been raised by Phil Hansen, up to the amount he or Kent Eken can legally spend on their campaigns. It is dishonest of Eken to distort and not tell the truth about his issue.

Phil Hansen clearly repudiated any attempts (in his letter) by outside groups to send attack mailers against his opponent. That would also cover the phone calls being made by outside interests referred to by Mr. Eken. 

I know Phil Hansen to be a candidate of integrity and honesty. He wants to represent the people of Senate District 4 and has conducted an above-board campaign devoted to his principles regarding job creation, education, and fiscal accountability. Anyone who has listened to Phil Hansen speak knows he does not attack his opponent on any issue.

Distortion and dishonesty are poor qualities of a candidate for state office and Mr. Eken did distort Phil Hansen's letter. He should retract his statements and apologize to Phil Hansen and the voters of senate district 4. -- Kay Syvrud, Hawley