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Letter: General Mills CEO arrogant in stand on gay marriage

Why would the CEO of a large corporation take a stand, any stand, on the question of how marriage should be defined? Back in the 2005 time frame, my employer, a large software company, instituted a corporate program which had a core cultural component of recognizing, acknowledging, and celebrating diversity, including sexual orientation.

Such a policy meant the company would be eligible to bid on contracts (largely government) where recognizing diversity was a major factor. A high-level management diversity office was created to make sure there was 100 percent compliance. Every employee in the company had to sign a loyalty statement, which went into our personal files. I have always felt sorry I signed that statement, but I pretty much knew I didn't have a choice. Who's against diversity or inclusiveness?

These are words that powerful people or organizations to use as a weapon to silence and thus bully people. General Mills employs 35,000 people. How arrogant for the CEO to dictate to the world and its employees a company stand on marriage, which is not any business of General Mills. The day after the CEO made the announcement, we donated to the food shelf over $ 150 worth of GM food we had purchased and liked.

-- Dick G Bouchee, Vadnais Heights