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Letter: Go green for the holidays

This year, I’m dreaming of a green Christmas — where animals aren’t abused, the planet isn’t polluted, and people are healthy and light.

Here are five reasons to eat a vegan feast — and not animal flesh — for Christmas:

  1. Tis the season for peace and goodwill: Only a Grinch would cause animals pain and suffering.
  2. Meat production contributes to climate change. The North Pole won’t be a winter wonderland if Santa’s wearing Speedos and polar bears are clinging to melting ice floes.
  3. Gathering around a great-tasting meatless meal is much more fun than gathering at the hospital to visit someone who indulged in too many meaty meals.
  4. Vegans tend to weigh less than meat-eaters. You never want to grow too big to sit on Santa’s knee!
  5. Versatile vegan foods generally cost less than meat. A little extra “jingle” makes everyone jolly.

If you’re yearning for a green Christmas, too, see for festive vegan recipes and product suggestions. And have a merry, green Christmas! — Heather Moore, The PETA Foundation, Norfolk, Va.