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Letter: 'A great day to play hockey'

As a former high school and college player, it was a hockey dream come true last Sunday at the Detroit Lakes outdoor ice rink. My brother-in-law Rob and I were at the rink by noon. As the Zamboni left the ice, we remained as the only two skaters with a sunny sky, no wind and a perfect ice sheet. We passed the puck over a hundred feet for about ten minutes, when we were joined by two more players about 12 years old.

I was assigned to play with Austen in a two-on-two match. After five minutes of skating up and down the ice, Austen began to question my defensive play, back checking skills, and work ethic. He was not impressed that I had witnessed Janis Joplin perform live in concert and was short on breath.

Fortunately, others soon joined the game, which developed into a full six-on-six scrimmage with the youngest players being squirts. The game concluded two hours later with a center ice face off with the next team to score winning the game.

The game brought back great memories of Lamb Park in Moorhead in the '70s. As Badger Bob Johnson often said, it was, "a great day to play hockey."

High praise to the city employees who are charged with operating the rink. The warming house was open early, neat as a pin and the outdoor ice was in perfect condition. The boards surrounding the rink were the best outdoor boards I have played on. The outdoor rink is an excellent community resource. It would be a perfect site for Hockey Day in Minnesota.

The pick-up game on Sunday was after a full day on the snowmobile trails in the lake area for the old timers run. It was a great winter weekend to live in Becker County. -- Jay D. Carlson, Big Cormorant Lake