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Letter: Hats off to election judges

With all the excitement of the primary election now over and the nominees for various offices now determined, a special note of thanks to all those who serve as Election Judges is in order.

Too often voters fail to notice your contribution to our representative government. Your participation in our democratic process is essential as our nation seeks to fulfill its promise of having a government “of, by and for the people.”

Many voters do not know that election judges (poll workers) are paid a small stipend for their work and staff local polling places in every community throughout the state working from early morning to late in the evening, carry out election procedures, and make sure that the rights of voters are protected.

During a general election, there are more than 30,000 election judges who staff more than 4,100 precincts in the State of Minnesota.

Your service has helped advance the cause of democracy, a right that many of us sometimes take for granted, while others have given their lives to protect. Thank you for ensuring the secret ballot and privacy of voters remains part of the right to vote.

I salute you for the long hours you devote to serving the public and want you to know that you are appreciated. — Tom Mortenson, Detroit Lakes