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Letter: I am a tired liberal American

In July or August 1967 I received two letters — one an editorial from Sleepy Eye Minn., the other from my minister. The one I took seriously was the editorial titled, “I Am a Tired American.” It was a litany of grievances aimed at the protesters and against the denigration (swift boating) of those of us serving.

My 2014 version of “I Am a Tired American” goes like this: On a Saturday morning, February 2009, the American Olympic Committee was meeting in Chicago, awaiting the International Committee to announce its decision. President Barack Obama campaigned in person for the United States. The games were awarded to Sochi and Vladimir Putin. The Republican Olympic Committee did high fives and cheered, congratulating Putin on his victory over our President. This overt public display of juvenile behavior has been non-stop for the past five years, the first of many.

The conservative Tea Party came along with their “wind chime” sophomoric nonsense of “palling around with terrorists,” birth certificates and Kenyan non-citizen B.S. The Tea Party Congress with their ridiculous government shut-down cost our economy 25 billion dollars and a damaged credit rating; $414 million to local U.S. economies for closure of National Parks and other venues. Minnesota had to deal with this same nonsense. Juvenile? You betcha!

I Am a Tired American. Tired of the hand-wringing over four Americans killed in Benghazi or the few Christians killed outside of our borders. What about the 20 American children killed at Sandy Hook? What about the estimated 10,000 children wounded and killed by gunfire every year in the “stand your ground” United States?

I am still defending my country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights or to be exact, ‘Bill of Entitlements.’ The reason for separation of church and state was so that there would not be a National Religion or a Government of God. Our founding fathers knew full well about the Church of England and the Spanish Inquisition. This is where freedom of religion came from — believe what you wish just allow the “others” to do the same, and thank God for unanswered prayers!

I busted my ass for 18 months on the ground in Viet Nam for all of our rights, entitlements and yes, rules. It’s about equal rights and opportunity. Our court/judicial system may not be the best, but it’s the best in the world and like it or not, our government too. Deal with it!

For the past five years the Republican Party has been trying to de-legitimize President Barack Obama and have only done so to themselves. Phelps of Kansas, Gohmert and Stackman of Texas, Braun of Georgia, Angle of Nevada, Todd Akin of Missouri and of course Michele Bachmann and many others insulting our intelligence with their “wind chime” logic, have made a mockery of our political discourse. I Am a Tired American, but grateful for the intellectually honest Christian Democrats and Christian Independents and the ‘others’ for keeping the zealots at bay.

I would have been proud to serve with John Kerry, as with all of my fellow Nam vets. Some gave all, all gave some, but we all gave everything we had. As far as Jane Fonda is concerned, she has apologized for her stupid behavior countless times. The letter I received from my minister was not of prayers and good wishes. This conservative kicked me out of the church. Your Jane Fonda was sitting at an anti-aircraft gun and has apologized profusely. My Jane Fonda was holding a Bible and never did. Think about it.

The Republican/Tea Party has reached a dead end — no new ideas, only status quo. The party has become totally dedicated to controlling by manipulation/bullying through fear and bigotry. Fear of God, gays blacks and all the ‘others.’ The Republicans/Tea Party promoters and followers have been boxed into a loveless marriage with fear as the centerpiece. Their language and legislation validates that.

When I use the term “enhancing the quality of my life” I am releasing my fears. It’s about letting go. It’s about closure. It’s about getting on with your life. It’s my second version of the rapture. My first rapture was Miss Sumiko Fujimoto in Tokyo in 1967. — Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes