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Letter: Most people want peace, some want power, control

No one should be surprised when the people of the Gaza Strip are asked if they support Hamas. Do you think most people would really tell anyone the way they felt? The reason I am stating this fact is that here in the U.S. if I were living in a neighborhood infested by gangs and anyone asked me if I supported them, what do you think my answer would be? How does any individual fight the people with the power? How does anyone know who they can trust and who they can’t? How do decent people band together to fight an enemy within?

I feel that most people on this Earth want to live together in peace and be able to take care of their families and this is only possible if the leadership of a country is not able to dictate what people believe and the way they live.

It seems that this is a problem in many places in this weary world. Too many groups want the power and money and the ability to control people under them and will not stop until this comes to fruition for them. — Carol Strache, Frazee