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Letter: New government leadership needed this election year

Over the years we have voted for the right people to run our government and spend our tax money. Like any employee they should come under scrutiny from time to time.

So here goes. The people we've elected also appoint other people to run our government, judges, czars, cabinet people, heads of departments and various bureaucratic employees. We the people have little control over the appointees actions. Our only control of the appointees is through the people we elect, not a very direct way.

Quite often the appointees do the dirty work and the elected guy can claim to not be responsible for it. It then appears that we're okay with our guy, we re-elect him.

But here in Minnesota and America they have spent all the tax money, some of it on the dumbest regulations and projects imaginable. If we think about it for a minute we can all come up with examples of this. But it doesn't stop there. It's gotten so bad that new taxes have to be raised, retirement accounts are devalued, IOUs issued and more inflationary dollars printed.

A lot of this wasted money is intended to buy votes for the politicians. If the politicians keep their jobs the appointees keep theirs. Thus our money is spent on "pork" projects that cost more than their worth. In the process our national debt gets raised.

The contract of employment for many of our elected officials ends Nov. 2. Do we renew their job or replace them? The old slogans "he's one of us" or "he'll fight for us" doesn't make it anymore. Look at where we are, look at where we're going. Now ask yourself, is it time to elect new people to government?

It seems an easy question. -- Bob Thompson, Pelican Rapids