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Letter: Nuclear war will contaminate food supply

I'm sure you feel it's your obligation to bring current news to the people.

Fox News -- 1500 Talk Radio -- 100.3 FM Radio discussed a big problem the whole world is facing. The majority of the public don't seem to be aware of it.

The water and food supply of the world will be contaminated when the nuclear war with Iran and Russia takes place. These chemicals travel long distances. Across bodies of oceans and land. These chemicals will kill. People's deaths will be slow and agonizing.

I don't think you would want your family or anyone's family to go through the aftermath of an unnecessary nuclear war.

Think about the importance of publishing information to educate people. We all need to know about it and speak out to end the war right now.

Please take the time to put everything else aside and make a difference. Then you can be proud to be known for helping people stay alive. What a great accomplishment that would be.

Remember God wants us to take care of this earth. Thank you. -- Cathy Guvais, Harris