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Letter: Obamacare is the reason reader will vote Democrat

I didn't always vote as a Democrat. I am a retired Navy combat veteran. My extended family is large. Its members work regularly and hard. Many are veterans. Some own businesses or are self-employed. Some are wealthy. Most are not. We all pay taxes. We don't all understand our need to protect what we have.

Without Social Security, Medicare, the VA and Medicaid there would be no health care available to most of the elderly and working poor.

Without Obamacare, insurance companies will commonly deny health coverage. With Obamacare these laws protect a three-year-old with stomach cancer, a 33-year-old with a recently removed brain tumor, a 49-year-old with an immune disease, and an 83 year old with stage four congestive heart failure. Do you know that if Romney block grants Medicaid to the states two-thirds of the elderly could lose nursing home care? Mitt Romney can't be trusted to protect us. He said so himself. The neutral fact checkers disagree with what he says about Obamacare. He will repeal this great health law and eliminate Medicaid and Medicare, as we know them.

Our government programs exist because private enterprise failed the elderly, the veterans, and the unfortunate, then drove health care costs far above my income level.

I trust Obama, not Romney. I will vote for Obama and the down ticket Democrats like Amy Klobuchar for U.S. Senate, Rick Nolan for Congress, Taylor Stevenson for State Senate and Joe Radinovich for State House of Representatives. They understand the importance of keeping what we have. They will protect all of us. -- Pat Kittler, Isle