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Letter: Poor decision by county to re-surface Frazee Main St.

I want to express my frustration at Becker County Highway Department for choosing Tuesday, July 22, to decide to chip rock and oil Main Street in Frazee.

This is our 60th annual Turkey Days and it is always held the last full weekend in July. I realize the county has schedules and deadlines for what they need to complete during our short summer months, but it is completely ridiculous that you would choose days before our yearly festival to do this road maintenance.

I didn’t notice this type of work being done on the Water Carnival parade route last weekend.

In addition, this part of Main Street is where we hold a car show Saturday. Your poor decision making affects that as well — classic cars, custom paint, many thousands of dollars into people’s pride and joys — they will not drive on this type of road condition, understandably.

This was an insensitive decision and I would hope in the future whoever makes these decisions takes this into account. — Daneele Shipman, Frazee