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Letter: The solution to Bergeson's Texas driving woes

In response to the grievous journey of Eric Bergeson (Country Scribe) as reported in the Record of Jan. 13, 2013:

Dear Lost and Confused in Austin, Texas,

May I point out your errors -- in the order you made them so that hopefully your next trip will be better.

1. No one who flies is innocent. (One is molested -- albeit technologically -- at every departure.)

2. When you're in a strange city, consider a taxi instead of renting a car.

3. I could have warned you, but you didn't ask.

4. Forget New Zealand, sheep aren't too dangerous to a man in a car.

5. Don't get hung up on names. A road is a road is a road, unless it's a freeway, and then it's a crash site.

6. Is Google related to GPS? (From what I hear GPS can kill you.)

Coming from this bastion of blueness in the north that celebrates diversity, I'm not hearing the love for our southern brothers.

Just because -- Paul Bunyan is us; We can step across the Mighty Mississippi; Our shoulder holds back the greatest of the Great Lakes; We are the northernmost state of the lower 48 (giving us an empirical view); and we have been the bellwether of the nation for all things good and right for as long as I can remember (and I'm old); doesn't mean we shouldn't pull in our horns a little -- especially if we're speaking of a state where the horns are gigantic.

I recently drove back to Minnesota from Fort Worth and I'll admit a little trepidation the night before I left. The next morning, my daughter sketched out a short map on an old envelope, showing only the streets I should use. (Who needs Google?). I left at 5 a.m. to avoid rush hour. I missed the freeway the first time around. It took a mile or so (turning right, right, right, and right back onto the frontage road) and that time I was prepared for launch up the crackerbox-looking entrance onto the freeway. Then I did just what she told me: "Mom, when you hit the freeway, get into the left lane as soon as you can and hammer down." "Don't slow down; don't get out of that lane; and try not to let anybody pass you." I followed that advice 'til I reached the Oklahoma border. Technology can fail you, but the people who love you don't.

P.S. In Texas, Austin is known for its artists, musicians, social progressives and all things quirky. Be There or Be Square.

-- Connie Kossick, Audubon