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Letter: Thanks for Boys & Girls Club support

This past February and March the Boys & Girls Club held its two biggest fundraising events to support the programs we provide to our community youth. Again, this community and the surrounding communities came forward in record numbers to show their support. One of our volunteers put it best when he stated that, "each person can feel proud of the culture within our community." That culture is one of giving of time, talent and treasure to worthy causes within our community. This was never more evident than during our two most recent events.

I want to extend my personal gratitude to all that made these events successful. I will not name them because the risk of forgetting someone is too great. It is never my intent to do that, but know that without the many friends in our area, the Boys & Girls Club would be a much smaller part of this community. Without our friends, we would not be able to provide services to 130 children each day after school, over 35,000 meals and snacks in the last year, 100 children in our summer camp program and many other activities currently provided.

The Boys & Girls Club will strive to give our youth the opportunities they deserve. We will continue to be the place for those that need us most and we will always be a safe and fun place for our children.

From the staff, our board of directors, our members and myself, we give all of you a heart felt thank you for your support!

-- Patrick Petermann, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Detroit Lakes