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Letter: Thanks for Walmart purse rescue help

On Feb. 6, I experienced the joy of being helped by others. My day began by attending 9 a.m. Mass at Holy Rosary and spending additional time visiting Jesus in the Adoration Chapel. Then I focused my "mind's eye" on the map of D.L. to see what directions I would go to cover the six steps I needed to make. I finished five of them and headed to Walmart. Got my groceries and other needs, went to my car, unloaded my groceries in the back seat and noticed my rear tire on passenger side was very low. So I quickly took off for Tire's Plus to blow up my tire. It was then I noticed my front seat passenger (my child) my purse was missing. Got air in tire. I remembered I left it in the basket of the cart at Walmart. I quickly returned to Walmart to see my purse was not in the cart. I entered Walmart and asked a very personable lady where the office was. I said my purse is missing. She quickly got into action, took me under her wing. I turned around and there was my dear friend Kim. She called police, then a gentleman from Walmart appeared, heard the story and hurried away in action.

The police, Robert Strand arrived, talked and he told me in these cases you very seldom see your purse again. I had figured that. My purse contents (I do not carry credit cards or other personnel info unless I know I'm going to use them), check book, cash, etc. The officer left to check further. I called Bremer Bank to stop checking account, but I needed to be there in person to start the procedure.

When I arrived, Julie greeted me and led me to Kristi and Cheryl. They know their job and got into action. A new account was opened and other action taken. I returned home. I had left Walmart around 2:30 p.m. About 4:30 p.m. my phone rang. Officer Strand said "Good news, bad news." Caught the one who stole my purse but no purse. Before 5 p.m. officer Strand appeared at my door and handed me my purse. Together we looked through it. Everything was there. My checkbook and checks, cash, etc.

I want to thank the two people at Walmart who helped me and the Walmart store for their security system, which showed me backing my car out, my cart with purse showing. The vehicle which drove in as I drove out and the occupant who came and took my purse. Everything on tape. Walmart, I am grateful for your security system to help us who do make mistakes. Also endless thanks to Officer Robert Strand, what a blessing and sense of security to see that uniform standing beside me. Thank you to the six people who were my angels on that day. It was truly a miracle. I am grateful to live in a city where this kind of action happens.

Thanks to the Police Department, for Officer Strand and his quick thinking and action. This happened about 2:30 p.m. and I had my purse back before 5 p.m. As I left Walmart parking lot, it was like I heard "Mom, don't ever again leave me unattended on a shopping cart parked in front of the cars in the handicapped area of row five at Walmart." I am grateful.

-- Odelia Tietz, Detroit Lakes