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Letter: Two kittens, mother cat shot with .22, left for dead

The rural community does not appreciate domestic pets being dumped off. We are not a dumping ground for your unwanted pets. You choose the pet, they do not choose you.

I am referring to house cats being dumped off the weekend of March 7-9. We had to take our grandchildren to catch their ride home. We noticed a black mound in our hayfield, and looking through binoculars we saw it was three cats huddled together.

We didn’t have time to stop and check them out, but we did make a call to a relative that does feline rescue and made arrangements upon our return to help catch them.

In less than an hour, two of them had been shot and killed (a mother and a kitten) and another kitten was shot two times and left for dead.

Whoever shot them didn’t have the guts to make sure the job was complete. She is alive and has been vet-checked. The vet said she was shot with a .22. She has two entrance wounds and two exit wounds. She is a very lucky kitten — only a nick to a muscle near the spine.

She will recover from the wounds easier than the post-traumatic stress disorder.

There was another kitten that was rescued earlier by a neighbor.

We are compassionate out here: Two of our current pets are ones that had been dumped off, and you know it is your loss, because they are very loyal and intelligent animals.

If you cannot care for your feline friends, call a rescue organization. If they can’t take them, they know of other rescue groups that can. Call a veterinarian — they can give you a number to call.

Don’t dump them off so they become target practice for want-to-be hunters, that shoot from vehicles and don’t care if the animal is still alive and suffering or dead.

If you would like to follow the progress of the wounded kitten, go to — Alice Olson, rural Detroit Lakes