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Letter: Two-party political system is killing America

There comes a time when a people must dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and get back to basics. The American two party system is cancerous and it is killing America. When cancer is malignant there is only one treatment, cut it out!

It is time for a new American Revolution and the grass roots of America must rise up and remove any national, state, county or city elected official that is a member of any organized party -- then only elect people who have no association to any political party to represent them in these offices.

When doctors cut into a malignant cancer their main objective is to get rid of all of it. That is what the above will do. The cause of the cancer is the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the international moneychangers. For America to become what our founders believed it could become we have to get back to basics. Kill the bank again, as Jackson did. Nationalize all 12 of their banks in order to keep the system working. The U.S. Treasury Department will then create our money needs without further debt, resulting in full employment for everyone who wants to work.

At the same time we need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 17th amendment; then dissolve the IRS because there will be no need for personal or corporate income taxes, which will take away the strength of the tax free foundations that have been controlled by the international moneychangers as a means to alter society and cause wars.

Return America to excellence. -- Tom Millican, Conover, N.C.