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Letter: Vote for Darryl Hensel for Becker County recorder

This election year we have four candidates going into the Aug. 12 primary vying for the Becker County Recorder’s position. This is an important responsibility and anything less than true vigilance in making sure that all documents are properly recorded could spell disaster down the road for property owners.

Darryl Hensel is a candidate for the Becker County Recorder’s position. He has been the chief deputy recorder in Hubbard County for the past 12 years. Mr. Hensel understands the need for complete accuracy and accountability.

In addition, Darryl Hensel is confident and comfortable in utilizing modern technology such as eRecording, that allows for trusted submitters to electronically submit scanned documents for recording. This simplifies the recording process for both sender and for the recording office as it has been scanned and partially indexed by the submitter. This means that it cuts the time and work for the recorder’s office while providing a speedier and safe recording for the consumer.

I believe that Darryl Hensel would be an excellent recorder for Becker County. He has the experience, qualifications and would bring a fresh outlook to the office. — Rita Boyce, Osage Township, Park Rapids