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Letter: Women, not men, should be in control of their own bodies

I was certainly not surprised to see Mr. Tobkin's letter on Jan. 20, regarding abortion and Roe v. Wade. He has been writing his tirades for years.

What does surprise me however, is his closing question. When will we get this figured out? I believe quite a few of we Americans, do have it figured out. (63 percent approving Roe v. Wade).

It seems to me Mr. Tobkin is in the same time-warp as many of our learned Congressmen and talk show hosts. Men who glibly and loosely toss about words such as, whores, rape, legitimate rape, contraception and even prostitution, all focusing on women.

I, as a woman (81 years old), feel quite comfortable and proud of the concept that women should be in control of their own bodies and in particular their sexuality.

My frustration is that, perhaps, men could and should accept the same concept, the control of their own bodies and sexuality.

I am neither a doctor or a scientist but I thought that in order for an 'egg' to develop into a human life it needs to be fertilized by male sperm, or am I mistaken? Imagine!

Just imagine if the male of the species could be held responsible for preventing abortion. What a concept.

I must add one more frustration. I watch an unusual amount of TV and I am disgusted with the promotion of Viagra (and many more male enhancing drugs) by the various drug companies. Is this really necessary? -- Marianne Burnside, Detroit Lakes