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Letters - Buboltz endorses Eken: 'The best man for the job'

I have known Kent Eken since he started his public service to the people of western Minnesota. Eken has been elected by the people of our area to represent us in the Minnesota House since 2002 because of his passion for our communities and his strong work ethic. I have had the privilege to work with Eken on a variety of issues over the years and have been very impressed by his knowledge of the issues and his ability to get the job done.

Kent Eken understands the importance of compromise and works across party lines for the good of western Minnesota. Eken has been a strong and articulate advocate for our area. We need an experienced and knowledgeable senator who understands the issues facing our region and who has demonstrated his ability to put the good of our area ahead of partisan politics. I will be voting for Kent Eken for state senator because I believe he is the best man for the job. I am voting for Eken because I believe knowledge and experience matter. -- Larry Buboltz, Detroit Lakes, former Mayor