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Letters - Conservative men created economic crisis

For the past several years I have been offering my opinions based on life experience (which can be verified by collections of pictures, letters and records acquired over the years). My sources are varied, from business channels to legitimate journalists, newspapers and cable news. No talk radio, no Internet conspiracy nonsense. Multiple sources which I consider fair and balanced or single source is nothing more than laziness of thought and curiosity.

Question: Has anyone ever considered the results of our national and state economic decline as being created by men; namely conservative men bullying and constant over-reach? It was House Speaker John Boehnor who bragged about getting 98 percent of what the Tea Party demanded in the last budget negotiations. Well, the Tea Party got what it prayed for -- a downgrade in our credit rating and a little inconvenience called sequestration.

The Minnesota Tea Party did much the same thing, costing you and me an estimated $5 million in additional fees and start up costs for badly needed infrastructure (and yes, I pay taxes, too). This silly expensive nonsense for what? Well, the what is a credit rating downgrade and a projected budget deficit of about $4.5 billion. A fantasy budget surplus and election talking points.

I don't have children, but when I see a school bus, I consider those kids my kids too. I gladly pay property taxes (even though I don't have to) because I am a part of the community and privileged to live here.

There are quite a few that have beautiful families, homes (some several) nice material things, able to take vacations to foreign lands (including Texas) or cruises, and it just isn't good enough. Why is that?

As I suggested in my question, it was conservative men that created our economic crisis and yet these men without cahones persecute women for pursuing their constitutional rights of health care and equal pay. Women are equal citizens, not just vassels.

Our nation and state is in desperate need of moderate and intellectually honest women. Their sensibilities are badly needed.

What we have are people like (R) Joe Walsh, Illinois, (R) Todd Akin, Missouri, (R) Mourdock, Indiana, (R) Smith, Pennsylvania, (R) Bachmann, Minnesota. They claim to be so virtuous, but they are nothing more than shallow political quacks. Let's just consider rape and incest misdemeanors and call it a day.

-- Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes