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Letters - Count your blessings and give this holiday season

We are fast approaching that time of the year when we strive to be less concerned with ourselves and we become more aware of our blessings and the gift of giving.

Thanksgiving should put us in a frame of mind where we reflect on the many blessings that have come our way through our own efforts and those blessings that have been made available to us by the opportunities that others have given through their concern, love and example.

If we give ourselves some time to review our lives, we will find that we have had many doors opened for us that give us reasons to be thankful and the incentive to give back.

We are encouraged in so many constructive ways to give back to our communities, by employers who make allowances to our schedules so that we can become involved in our communities, by our churches, services clubs, non-profits and individuals that not only encourage us to give but to give others the gift of giving.

As we go through life we meet people that seem to have a special air about them. When we get to know these people better we sense in their modest way what makes them special people: they are givers. To whatever degree they have been blessed with time, talent and material riches, they are giving generously of their blessings. They have received the "Gift of Giving" and they are encouraging others to receive the "Gift of Giving". They realize that by giving they always receive more than they have given.

I know a couple who have been well blessed. Near the end of the year they go out for dinner and they look over the list of requests they have received that year. With much deliberation they decide how much they can donate and who will receive their donations. They told me that this is always one of their best days of the year. I have found that people like this couple who are givers also encourage others to give and to enjoy the "Gift of Giving".

You can see people receiving the "Gift of Giving" in our Detroit Lakes High School. They are teaching the students the importance of giving back to their community. The Day of Caring is a great example of the impact that their giving makes.

As you look over that stack of requests this giving season, open your check book with your heart. Share some of this giving time with your children so that they can be made aware of the "Gift of Giving". You will find your and their giving will make a lasting impact on your church, on Hospice, on the Boys and Girls Club and on so many more worthy causes.

Remember, the "Gift of Giving" also includes the sharing of your time and talent.

Many blessings to you as you have fun with your "Gift of Giving" through the year. On November 15, National Philanthropy Day, consider making a gift to your favorite nonprofit organization, church or charity. -- Jerry Schutz, Detroit Lakes