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Letters - Eken will be a great state senator

Like many citizens in western Minnesota, I consider myself an independent. I carefully weigh the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and make my choices based on character, experience, intelligence and leadership qualities. As a lifelong resident of the Red River Valley and an owner of a fifth generation family farm, it is important for me to have a senator who shares my deep lifetime love and respect for this land, and the people of all ages and stations in life who live here. Public service is a calling, not just a bucket list check off.

  Kent Eken, like Sen. Langseth and Sen. Sillers before him, has lived among us all his life. He understands the unique legislative challenges this region faces. Eken has the experience to begin working for us immediately when the new session begins. Eken is a trusted man and a respected voice here and throughout the entire state. In my lifetime calling as a Lutheran pastor, I have learned that in trying times it is important to raise up leaders who have been tested in the fire of the arena and who have faithfully persevered.

  Kent Eken has served honorably as a farmer, teacher and legislator. In my opinion, this is not a time to train in a new player, this is not a time for political attacks. This is a time to elect an experienced and trusted neighbor to be our voice at the state capital. I trust Kent Eken, and I will cast my vote for him to be our Senator in Minnesota District 4.

-- Rev. Matt Valan, Moorhead