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Letters - Hansen's Party makes false accusations against Eken

In the Minnesota Senate race, Phil Hansen's side (the Republican Party) has been making false accusations against Kent Eken.

Mass mailings are being sent out against Kent Eken saying he voted to raise the "granny tax" (a fee on nursing home residents) by 17 percent.

This accusation is a bold faced lie. Eken has never voted for an increase in the "granny tax."

In fact, the opposite is true. Eken has fought to reduce this tax.

Eken's opponent, Phil Hansen, has publicly admitted, in both newspapers and public forums, that it was his side (the Republican Party) that sent out these unethical attacks making false accusations against Eken.

Despite this admission, the attacks continue, including the same lie about the "granny tax," in the form of multiple mass mailings.

Eken speaks the truth to powerful special interests, which is why they attack him. They have targeted him because they do not control him. They attack him because his only special interests are the people of western Minnesota.

-- Cyndi Anderson, Detroit Lakes