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Letters - Merry Christmas to all; A tribute to Sandy Hook

Merry Christmas to all, the big and the small.

The mentally ill, and those they would kill.

The ones with the guns and the ones all alone.

The children that left, and those waiting at home.

Now comes the bickering, fighting and strife.

Outlaw all the guns, no, only ones with the might.

When talking is done, laws passed and repealed,

Parents without their babies, still cannot feel.

The numbness remains, the silence defeating.

And all of the gains of bi-partisan fleeting.

This will not be solved by laws of the land.

But by people who finally take up a stand.

Deciding that caring for others means more,

Than oil rigs, business deals and money offshore.

Until we can truly take care of mankind,

And provide care for the unstable mind,

Decide when children play violent games of all kinds

It leaves developing brains full of holes and field mines.

Then we'll never be rid of the tragedies recent,

And no place on earth will be left whole and decent. -- Linda Long, Rochert