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Letters: Person responsible for dog's death should step forward

This letter is in response to the incident that took place on Pelican Lake on Monday the 15th of February around 4:40 p.m., when a young man was almost struck and his dog hit and killed by three snowmobile operators.

With 28 years of law enforcement experience in Colorado, I wish to say a few words about this incident.

If this was an accident, someone should have stopped and rendered aid to the young man and his dog. Since they did not stop and help, they were either intoxicated in some manner or worse yet, did this intentionally, which constitutes several violations of the law, but most importantly, common decency to a beloved pet and the pet's owner and family.

I believe that someone besides the now cowardly perpetrators, has knowledge of this incident, and I encourage you to come forward, since getting away with this will only lead to greater problems in the future of these individuals who acted so maliciously. If you are a parent and you believe your child or an adult friend was involved in any way, don't let this slide. It will set a bad example of you to your child for doing nothing, and if your child is on some sort of destructive path by committing such an act intentionally, the problems will only become greater without intervention by either law enforcement or the aid that can be rendered through the Juvenile Justice System.

I spent 20 of my law enforcement years as a juvenile investigator, and I was aware of many kids who got away with things but it never improved if not interrupted in some manner and it almost always was able to be turned around with the patience and help you can receive through a legal system that is designed to help those young folks who are in trouble.

In the last few months I have heard of individuals who super glued a kitten to the road, someone who may have abandoned a dog who later froze to the road and was found days later, but who survived. People who are cruel to animals, in some cases, aren't too far away from being cruel to another human. So, if you know about these incidents, please come forward. And if you were involved, take the right next step and get some help. Things will get better if you do the right thing. -- Brad Wallace, Detroit Lakes