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Letters - Proposed Voter ID Amendment

The proposed Voter ID Amendment in front of Minnesota voters in two weeks is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Set aside for a moment the tremendous cost to Minnesota taxpayers in man-hours and in taxpayer dollars.

This proposed amendment blatantly disenfranchises potential voters.

Ask yourself, "Why do we need this amendment?" The purported unfounded reason is to seemingly get rid of voter fraud.

My own Republican personal state representative-in-waiting claims that there have been thousands of fraudulent votes cast recently in Minnesota.

Where is the proof? The real fraud is that thousands of elderly, the poor, and college students living away from home would have to obtain a government photo ID to vote in future elections -- thus potentially displacing them off of voter lists by mandating a photo ID.

Throughout history, our country's citizens have fought and died for the most sacred constitutional right of voting.

Many in our state are wary of big government intervention in our personal lives, yet this proposed amendment smacks of big government!­

Vote "no" on this amendment on Nov. 6.

-- Jeff Skogmo, Detroit Lakes