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Letters - Tired of negative political ads

I only want to know the negatives about a political candidate if they are 100 percent true -- I loathe being lied to... and I despise being manipulated... and I bristle at being bullied.

The media, along with some politicians and their "committee" cronies, are not listening to the public.

Vast millions upon millions of Americans holding the power to cast our votes or withhold our votes do not want to read or hear political attack ads anymore... we are sick of their jackhammering noises and tired of the scoundrel politicians behind them and their smarmy anonymous submitters year after year.

The result? Confused, angry, and/or apathetic Americans that increasingly mute or flip the TV or radio channel whenever an attack ad assaults their intelligence in their own homes and cars. Therefore, they then avoid voting because they don't have a clue as to what issues the politicians actually stand for, what they believe in, or what they plan to do to solve America's and Americans' woes.

I have a solution, but the media won't like it because the intoxicating music of "ka-ching/ka-ching" may fade, if anonymously submitted attack ads diminish; however, the public and the respectable politicians that do maintain integrity by not partaking in negative attack-ad campaigning will love my solution:

The print and broadcast media need to refuse -- blatantly refuse -- to publish or air all political ads, unless the submitter's (or submitters') full name and address is verified and printed or broadcast along with the submitted ad... in large print. The media lets them hide under the anonymous "committee" cloak in ads.

Consequently, submitters willing to step under a spotlight to reveal their personal identity and address when clambering and clanging publicly about a candidate's "badness" will only dare to do so when possessing evidence. Submitters' own reputations should be on the line publicly -- they should be held personally responsible, in case their attack ad contains a lie. That should diminish the bombardment.

This would also make politicians focus their own print and broadcast ads solely on themselves -- proclaiming to the public on how they stand on various issues, what they've accomplished, what they intend to do to solve the myriad of problems facing Americans today, and why they deserve We the People granting them our precious time and votes.

My solution should end the drumfiring of negative political attack ads because only fools would endanger their own personal reputation and character by publicizing lies and the submitters behind all of the nauseating attack ads are extremely shrewd "committee" cronies -- and totally anonymous.

Do media publishers and station managers have the backbone to put my political ads solution into motion to disseminate truth and to ban manipulation and bullying? They should... after all, newspapers refuse to publish letters to the editor, unless the submitter includes his/her name and address. Fair?

-- Barbara Kay Carlisle, Barnesville