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Look for alternatives to expanding DL south access

We have received the DNR's notification of intent to acquire the property on the west side of existing public access on Big Detroit Lake. Not only are we opposed to such an acquisition, there are more problems than just parking.

It is true that something must be done and that there is a problem concerning parking. But there are many more concerns that are not being addressed. For years our property taxes have risen and our property values have decreased. It is not just the economy but it's the public access.

We have tried for years to sell, and the comment we get back is that it is located next to the public access. Not only is the value a problem, but also the nuisance of living next to the public access. Since they have closed the access on the north end of the lake, the traffic has gone off the charts. At all times of the day there is noise with abusive language. Users of the access have wandered into the yard when they have motor problems, asking to borrow tools, or asking for assistance. Wouldn't you agree that there is a longstanding belief one should have the right when you own a home on a piece of land, you should be able to live there in peace?

How would you like to put up to living next to the access? At 2 a.m. or 5 a.m. users are there causing a nuisance and disrupting the peace. If it were only the summer, spring and fall it would be bad enough, but during the winter we have to put up with the snowmobile trail going right next to our bedroom window.

I have an alternative to this problem. The following is a list of changes to the use of the access that would help, but by no means make the problem go away.

1. Buy both sides of the existing access and put in a larger buffer zone of a at least 50 feet.

2. Put up gates and close the area from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

3. Increase police patrols to control the drunks.

The City of Detroit Lakes closes its parks. Long bridge Resort has to end outside music, as does anyone on the lake at 10 p.m. How can the DNR get away with causing a nuisance and not have to pay the price like the rest of us? Users of the public access are not courteous enough to turn down their radios, or not rev their snowmobile engines. I don't expect them to change, but as stated above, some things can be done short of closing it or manning it 24/7. Use of the public access is not a right, but a privilege. We should treat it as such.